November & December


Samriddhi Thapa

Chief of social media 

Congratulations Samriddhi! You are EZAEZ’s Employee of The Month for September! 

It’s not hard to recognize how hard you’ve been working in your department as our Chief of social media !!! It took a lot of effort for you and your team to fulfill all the requirements, organize our image on social media, and do it all on a high-quality level. You have an amazing ethic and you are always open to input from every member of the team no matter the occasion. Keep up the great work!

Milca Yax

Human resources associate 

Dear Milca, 
The executive department wished to congratulate you as you are the Employee of the Month for September!!!

Thank you for being loyal to the company and making sure that everyone feels at home within our company. We appreciate your hard work as it has truly helped us achieve great results when it comes to company culture!!! Your great personality will continue helping us achieve excellence every day!!!


Mohammad Hasan

finance Associate

Congratulations Mohammad for achieving such great performance goals for October!!!

Thank you very much for your hard work in helping with closing multiple finance documents and transactions that led to the company reaching multiple achievements! We acknowledge that it must have taken a lot of persistence and cooperation with our finance department. 

Randy Bedoya

Chief of community 

Congrats Randy!!! Since you have shown us the importance of determination and collaboration, we are naming you EZAEZ’s Employee of the Month! 

We’ve noticed an increase in productivity from our teams when it comes to decision-making directly aligned with our product! Your politeness and can-do attitude are reflected in every event the Community department has hosted and every idea the team has brainstormed.